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Why should We Regret ?

As dark as the night is, there is more darkness and fear in Avni’s mind at this time. A fire is burning inside Rudrani’s mind also. Rudrani has a personality similar to her name. While Avni is a cool and calm girl, Rudrani is a great National player who doesn’t give up easily.

Rudrani remembers _Robert Frost’s_ poem “_fire and ice_” which she read during her school days. Both fire and ice are destructive. Rudrani is the only fire that has the power to burn everything at this time because she knows that this society is a wall of hatred made of ice, which will never break but will destroy everything in its hatred. Rudrani decides that when destruction is certain, why not destroy everything in the fire of desire within her, at least she will get peace.

“What is this rubbish Rudrani ?”

“But Papa, this is true and no one can deny it.”

“You may kill me, but this is the truth of me and Avni.”

“We love each other. We know that this society will never accept our relationship, but even if we do, what should we do? We have no control over our feelings. Nature itself has instilled such a feeling in us. Avni will probably kill herself by keeping calm as usual but I am a national level player, I will neither give up easily nor let Avni die.

Here Avni locked herself in the room. She knew it’s consequences. After a while when they opened the door Avni was found unconscious. She was immediately taken to the hospital where it was confirmed that she had taken poison.

Today, a week later, both the family members are sitting face to face.
Avni is sitting silently bowing her eyes. Rudrani has no fear.

Rudrani’s father said with all his sadness and wonder

“No one will accept this relationship.

“Why won’t papa?”

“Because it’s not right. This is an unnatural match. This is wrong. This relationship has neither beginning nor end. How will the family grow? Nothing is right in this. What you are doing ?”

“We humans are made of this nature and our physical structure is also a gift of this nature, Papa. Even if we marry a boy, will we be able to do justice to him, Papa?

“But Rudrani it has no basis for this relationship either.”
When Avni’s father said this, Avni burst into tears.

Avni said with tears in her eyes
“Papa – mommy , please forgive me but I myself could not recognize this difference in my body. But papa this is the biggest truth of my life.

“Even the court has not been able to take any decision about this relationship, then what will we take.” Rudrani’s mother said sadly, then Rudrani said

“You all try to understand us. Accept us as we are. Society has nothing to do with us and neither do we belong to the society. The court allow to live together. We are both happy to be together. Today the whole world is fighting this battle to get the right yo live with dignity, we will also fight. But first we need your support, Papa.

The whole family was shocked. They Couldn’t understand what was happening. Everyone was feeling helpless. There was nothing in their control.

Today Rudrani has got a gold medal in a national event. Avni is clapping from afar. Both live together and have accepted their relationship in front of society . Avni is a successful blogger who writes her views on lesbian, homosexual and asks the same question every time.

“Why don’t we get the right to live with dignity? Why should we feel ashamed of ourselves?”

Even today the difficulties have not subsided. Both are still moving forward facing social stigma. They are now among of them who are fighting for the rights of lesbians.

One unique thing in all this is that their family members who are themselves a part of this society have accepted this truth of nature and by taking their first step towards this social change, have made their children feel safe about them.

Anita Pathak
( Total words 685 )